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The Client Counsel’s story began when we asked ourselves two questions:


The Client Counsel’s story began when we asked ourselves two questions:


What will happen to customer experience as people become more mobile enabled?


Could we deliver improved results and better experience if strategies for devices, customer experience and learning were combined?



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New customers are armed with information and opinions about you before they start to buy. Today, there is a third-party joining almost every sales conversation:  the device. Your sales team may be sharing information on a device, or your customer may be asking about something they have learned. How your team rises to this challenge, leverages the third-party and persuades your customer is a critical challenge. We help our clients learn to sell and provide superior service when this third-party is present.

Gain Share of Wallet

Your existing customers expect more from you. When they seek advice, they want you to do more than provide information and ask good questions. They want you to  go deeper, be engaged and add valuable insight to their business. We help our clients have more engaged, value-added conversations with their customers, and differentiate themselves from the competition. You already have best practices – we help you share them (on-the-job or by video) in fresh, imaginative ways.

Improve Customer Experience

You do not need to buy new courses or more training.  You need to ensure your talent can execute, sustain and differentiate themselves.  We  work with you to create powerful Red Team simulations that are customized to your business priorities. “Red Team”  is a proven methodology where an independent group that seeks to challenge an organization in order to improve its effectiveness. Our Red Teams refine your customer experience, and provide powerful insight into the opportunities you are missing within key customer segments.

Bring Your Own Device

Thinking that you  want to provide your team with new devices? Worried that they might not use them to their full potential? You have so many resources (compliance, learning, sales tools, product knowledge, marketing collateral) that can be leveraged in new ways.   There is a huge opportunity to get this right. Don’t leave it to chance.   The Client Counsel offers leading edge software that allows you to rapidly create a custom ecosystem to enable learning, product knowledge, compliance and conferences. Click here to learn more about Playbook™.


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